Two Years Ago, Today: I said goodbye to my big sweet boy….

In honor of my boy, Chewy, here is a list of Episodes about Pet Loss/Grief.  A VERY important topic!


The Dog Talk Show #126-  July 27, 2011
Guest: Michelle Nichols, co-founder of AHELP Project – Animal Hospice, End of Life and Palliative Care Project.  Michelle and Julie discuss issues and feelings around our beloved pets’ end of life needs and care.

The Dog Talk Show #82- September 22, 2010
Guest: Judith Piper, Founder of Old Dog Haven: a network of over 140 foster homes that give homeless senior dogs a loving place to live out the rest of their lives, whether it be years, months or days.  To see how you can help, visit

The Dog Talk Show #71- June 30, 2010
Guest: Kate Munson, Mental Health Counselor and Volunteer with Seattle Humane’s Pet Loss Support Group.  Julie and Kate talk about the experience of having a pet die, the grief process and Julie shares her experience losing her dog, Chewy, to cancer in September of 2009.  Giving a voice to the sadness and real grief that takes place when someone’s pet dies.

The Dog Talk Show #31 – September 23, 2009
Listeners call in to share stories about dogs they have loved and lost.  Julie talks about her experience making the decision to put Chewy down and grieving his loss.

The Dog Talk Show #30 – September 16, 2009
Guest: Jon Katz, author of “Soul of a Dog”.  Delightful interview with Mr. Katz, and very timely given the death of Julie’s oldest dog “Chewy”, just days before