4/9/14 – CityDog Magazine’s Cover Model Search & Natural Pet Pantry’s new store!

CityDog Magazine is holding their cover model search during the Seattle Dog Expo which is coming up at the end of the month.  Learn all about it and how to get your dog entered!


Then Julie talks in-studio with Randi Astrom, who with her husband Rolf, owns The Natural Pet Pantry – the best raw and cooked foods for your dog and cat!

Julie and Randi will talk all about how the new store is coming along, when it will open and what all will be going on to support holistic health to pets in the community.  Great model!


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3/26 – Disaster Preparedness and Pet First Aid

In honor of the Oso Landslide that just happened…

Please be sure to tune in to this episode and learn some simple things you can do to prepare for a disaster to better equip you to be able to care for your pet(s) during and through such an emergency.

Tim Perciful of Learn Pet First Aid joins me today to talk about his expertise on the subject.


Important Show!

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3/19/14 – “The Tidy Dog”, Proper Use of Corrections, Slow-Mo of a Dog Drinking Water and more!

Support Engineer/Inventor Chris Lorkowski and “The Tidy Dog” – toy bin that rewards your dog for putting her toys away!

The Tidy Dog is on Kickstarter – so if you want one, you need to pre-order so Chris reaches his goal – otherwise they may never get made!

Heres the link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/608889985/the-tidy-dog-bin-your-dog-will-love-to-pick-up-the

Also check out this amazing video of a dog drinking water in slow-motion:


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3/12/14 – Dr Donna Kelleher – Dogs and Allergies!

Itchy Skin?

Chronic Ear Infections?

Chronic Digestive Upset?


Reverse Sneezing?

These are all symptoms of food/environmental allergies!

Listen to my interview today with Dr Donna Kelleher, author of “The Proof is in the Poodle” and local holistic veterinarian.

Dr Kelleher is very successful in treating animals with allergies without the use of steroids, antibiotics and immune suppressants.

Find her online at www.wholepetvet.com

Also her blog at www.wholepetvet.blogspot.com

And her book! “The Proof is in the Poodle” www.proofisinthepoodle.com


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Today I talk with Ranny Green, writer for the Seattle

Kennel Club, about the upcoming event this weekend at

Century Link Field Event Center.


Also, Michelle Nichols, co-founder of AHELP Project.  AHELP holds their annual fundraiser at Northwest Cellars this year – wine tasting and raffle to raise money for this great organization.



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2/26/14 – Dr Nels Rasmussen

On today’s show, Julie and Dr. Nels Rasmussen talk nervous system. Also, Dr. Nels, a trained chiropractor, gives Julie’s dachshund a treatment after a tweaked back has left her compromised.

Dr Nels has an amazing gift, and you can have your animal treated by him, too!  (If you live in Western Washington state).

nels@nelshealingministry.com   www.nelshealingministry.com

Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show March 8th & 9th!


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2/19/14 – Happy 5 year anniversary! Guest: Dr. Michael Fox – chemical flea meds

Want a science lesson?  Today I talk with Dr. Michael Fox on our 5-year anniversary episode about chemical flea meds and how they impact dogs and cats, on a chemical/molecular level.  It has to do with the movement of chloride ions and the GABA receptors.

Fascinating conversation and connections made on today’s show.  Don’t miss it!

Find Dr. Fox online: www.drfoxvet.com


Don’t forget The Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show coming up:

March 8th & 9th at Century Link Field Event Center.  www.seattlekennelclub.org

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Dogs in the News, Children’s Book: “Chicken and the Dog” and more!

Here’s the link to the children’s book I highlighted on today’s show.


And here are the articles I referenced on the show!

Westminster KC Dog Show fun facts: http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-news/2014/02/westminster-dog-show-by-the-numbers.aspx?cm_mmc=19435437

How dogs do the Doggie Paddle: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140105102502.htm

Insight into domestication of dogs, from wolves:  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140116190137.htm

Walking dogs in a pack and what that tells us about their social hierarchy http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140123222045.htm

Fitness Study Pairs Dog With Seniors http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140206141855.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily%2Fplants_animals%2Fdogs+%28Dogs+News+–+ScienceDaily%29

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1/5/14 – Surf Dog Ricochet

Encore of my interview years ago with now-famous Surf Dog Ricochet and her handler Judy.  What a long way they’ve come and have done such great things as a team!



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1/22 – AKC Earthdog Judge, Greg Perry

Learn about AKC Earthdog, about terriers and dachshunds,

and about dog training and behavior.

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