477: Retail Rescue: “How Much Is That Doggie In The… Auction?”

Inspired by one of the most important and well-written books the dog world has seen, The Dog Merchants, a whistle-blower exposed an “industry inside and industry” according to the Washington Post Article, “Dog Fight”, that made front page headlines on Sunday, April 15th, 2018’s paper. Turns out: Some rescue groups are raising (a lot of) money for “puppy mill rescue”, and then actually purchasing dogs directly from dog auctions, a place where some commercial breeders gather to buy and sell dogs. Commonly, rescues pay even more for the dogs than other breeders would, and some breeders are now breeding specific breeds that they know are in high demand… by rescues! Saving a dog, perhaps… but continuing to fuel the very industry they say they are fighting against. This is controversial, and so important to understand as consumers and professionals in the dog industry. Listen, and then read “The Dog Merchants”, by Kim Kavin, also the author of the Washington Post article. We need to be informed, in order to truly help dogs in need.


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