Toughest Toys for your heavy-hitting pooch!

Do you have a dog with jaws of steel?  Here are a few items that have stood up to our australian cattle dogs meaty jaws and high intensity chewing!

“Chuck It!” rubber “tennis balls”.  They are orange with a blue stripe.  Mind you: get the rubber ones, not the one with the tennis ball fiber.  That fiber wears down their tooth enamel and those also are not nearly as tough.

“Jolly Pets Bounce ‘N Play”.  I can’t believe the beating that these take!  The key here is that they don’t have the little handle on it that the Jolly Balls have.  You know, the horse toys that look like that childhood toy from the 80s that you sat on and bounced around the room with?  The “Jolly Pets Bounce N Play” is a ball that comes in different sizes than is made of a hard rubbery/plasticy material.  The medium sized one is the perfect combo of flexibility and toughness.  The small one doesn’t give enough for the dog to squish it between his jaws and the big one is little too squishable, which makes it easier for the your dog to find a weak point, if he is a master at that, like mine are.

Have fun and I hope these serve you as well as they have us and our pack.  Happy playing!

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