Today’s Guest: Von Martin, author: “Long Way to Nome”

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Excerpt below quoted from Von Martin’s Website:

“In 2009 the Serum Run ’25 Expedition set out to retrace the original 1925 route across Alaska to deliver lifesaving antitoxin by dog teams to Diphtheria stricken Nome.

To prepare for the arduous journey, Washington state musher Von Martin meticulously assembled 1,200 lbs of supplies, trained his team of twelve huskies for hundreds of miles, and made the long midwinter drive to Alaska.

What he did not anticipate was the worst Alaskan winter in decades.

Cut off from the expedition’s support party and faced with an impassable trail, Von Martin and the Serum Run ’25 mushers must make a heartbreaking decision for their expedition and their faithful sled dogs.

Join Von Martin as he shares his heartfelt story through journal excerpts, photographs, and narratives, all the exhilaration, hardship, and life lessons learned from his huskies during an attempt to cross the Alaskan wilderness by dog team.”