Today’s Guest, 4/14/10: Daisy Peel – National Agility Champion from Sumner, WA

Check out Daisy Peel and Solar’s agility runs!  Impressive!


Also on the show today: A Beautiful Story about Poodle Love

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“I have suffered from severe depression, anxiety and agoraphobia for over seven years with things seeming to get progressively worse every passing year.  Eventually I even stopped going into stores or restaurants, waiting in the car while my husband shopped.  With three small children, I was painfully aware that I was creating a negative impact on my kids’ lives and memories.  Being a military family, moving and family separation is always a factor and I knew that I needed to find more help than just my current medications in order to take care of my family.

I discovered Heeling Allies entirely by chance while doing a search on assistance dogs from a recommendation from my doctor. Darcie called me immediately and I felt hope for the first time in years as she talked me through the process of choosing and training the perfect dog for me and my needs.  Darcie encouraged me to write a letter of support to send out to my friends and family since money was a barrier in my desire to find a medical alert dog. I was overwhelmed by the financial support that was given by family and friends!  None of them had been aware of my issues, I had worked so hard for so many years to hide my fears and anxiety by creating excuses to avoid social situations and many other activities.

Darcie has been my angel and found Blue, my handsome black standard poodle.  At first I was a little nervous about a stranger choosing the dog that will be by my side constantly but Darcie seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to dogs and pairing them with their owner.  Blue wakes me up in the morning either by alarm or when my youngest son cries, reminds me to take my medications twice a day, Blue is by my side throughout the house helping me to feel as if I’m not alone in my anxieties and most of all he provides a calming presence and distraction while in stores. Now I can go freely into stores once again and not feel as if everyone is pressing in around me.  People automatically give us a wider berth and when it does get crowded, Blue presses up against me which automatically turns my attention to him rather than the crowds.  I had forgotten what this type of freedom felt like and I am thankful every single day that I found Darcie and Heeling Allies.

Darcie continues to check in with Blue and I, she is always willing to answer questions that arise, offer advice and support.  She is an amazing woman and I would refer anyone who is considering a service dog to contact Heeling Allies.  It is a decision that I will never regret.”