PetHub founder Tom Arnold and then Prescott Breeden, President of SPARCS Canine Science Conference!

What a great show! is such an ingenious idea!  You purchase an ID tag from them (ranging from 7.95 – 19.95) and you get the benefit of all they offer for your pet, incase your pet goes missing!  Create a profile with as many contact numbers as you want, and if someone scans or taps your pet’s tag – you get automatically notified AND they tell you where the person was, using the GPS from their phone!  There’s more to it.  Check it out and there’s no monthly subscription or other fees after the initial purchase, unless you choose an upgrade option.

And don’t forget to submit your kissie photo of you and your pet!  Raise money for a non-profit of your choice and show us how cute your dog (or cat) is.



Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science

International Conference!  **YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!**

Register at today.  See you there!

Check out this list of speakers!


Marc Bekoff, PhD

Raymond Coppinger, PhD

Michael W. Fox, PhD

Alexandra Horowitz, PhD

Kathryn Lord, PhD

Adam Miklosi, PhD

Monique Udell, PhD

Clive Wynne, PhD

Three day conference with presentations from all of these brilliant people.  This has never happened in this area, or elsewhere, and it’s happening in Redmond, WA!

Register at today.  See you there!