November 12, 2014 – Miraculous story of healing- Dr. Donna Kelleher

This summer, I was waiting for a friend to finish up a work phone call in Seattle before we went out to dinner.  It was taking FOREVER, so to kill time, I started talking to people who walked by with dogs and handed out The Dog Show with Julie Forbes car stickers.  (Always a good idea cuz you never know who you’re going to meet!

Up the street walked two women with their three shihtzus.  I asked to say hi to the dogs and I immediately noticed something was wrong with one of them and asked about her.  After hearing about her terminal diagnosis, I gave them my card and pleaded with them to get in touch with me so I could connect them with brilliant holistic veterinarian Dr. Donna Kelleher (  They did… and six months later, the dog is almost fully recovered!  What a story!  Listen to this important and wonderful story about this family’s journey to recovery through natural medicine.

Don’t underestimate the body’s ability to heal!