7/22 – Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Last week, a friend of mine suddenly and unexpectedly lost her eight year old Doberman, Haas.  She reached out to my wife and I to let us know, and to receive some understanding.  We were both hit hard by the news of their sudden loss- and I was reminded about how hard-hitting the death of a pet can be – especially on our hearts.

Today I talk on the show with Janis, my friend who’s dog passed last week – as well as Michelle Nichols, Director of AHELP Project – providing support for people before, during and after their pet’s end of life process.

We’ll hear Janis’ story of Haas, and then talk with Michelle about ways to help people cope with the grief that comes when a loved one dies – specifically a four legged family member.

Find AHELP Project online at www.ahelpproject.org

Here are some links to articles about grief:




Haas' profile pic at QAACHaas and Mashka.Haas in the Mercedes