5/7/14 – “For the Love of Dogs” – documentary about a boy with Aspergers and his passion for dogs

I talk with Heather Gould, Mom of Cory, a boy with Aspergers whose passion for dogs helps him to connect with people socially.  Great conversation!

Watch the movie’s trailer here:  http://www.loveofdogsmovie.com


Then an update from a busy weekend of helping people and saving lives – literally!

My wife, Darcie, and her service dog club: The Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound paid for an urgent surgery to save the life of Lil Bit – a pug who is an emotional support dog to a local veteran who suffers from severe PTSD and depression.

Lil bit was hit by a car and his pelvis was badly broken, requiring an almost $5000 surgery.  Hear about the four days, 85 people and $4700 that the community rallied to gather to keep these two together.  Incredible story.

Here is the news clip!



Also last weekend – Julie and Darcie opened their home to an Old Dog Haven foster who they’ve named “Lois”.

Lois is at least 10 years old and has labored breathing.  Lois ended up in a local shelter with a questionable amount of time left in her life.  Through Old Dog Haven, a local non-profit that gets old dogs out of shelters and pays all vet bills associated with their care, Julie and Darcie picked Lois up from the shelter on Saturday and have been working to restore her health and settle her in.  Incredibly fulfilling work!  www.olddoghaven.org


Fundraising Event on June 12th in Ballard for the APA SPCA – an organization that provides and emergency veterinary care fund for people who haven fallen on hard times.  Check out the org and the event!