4th of July Lost Pet Success!

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I volunteered with one of my favorite local organizations last week: Missing Pet Partnership.  The organization had a lost pet recovery booth set up outside of the Seattle Animal Shelter to assist in reuniting people with their lost pets, due to Fourth of July fireworks.  

What an inspiring and touching experience!  What impressed me, among many other things, is that our love for our pets cuts through many other things that might keep us apart.  Honestly, I caught myself starting to judge someone based on their appearance, but it didn’t last long once a dialogue was opened about their beloved lost pet.  I could see the fear and sadness written all over their faces and i could connect to that, as I know I would be a wreck if my dogs were lost.

The best part was when our work…WORKED!  You can imagine how grateful people were, who came in with hopes that were dragging behind them.  The conversations were about what to do, to get your pet back.  Powerful conversations, laced with encouragement, optimism and support.  I was bathing in feeling of goodness and generosity.

Missing Pet Partnership is one of the most important pet related organizations our community has – and they need volunteers for a variety of different tasks.  By reuniting people with their lost pets, it keeps the “lost” pets from becoming “stray” pets, and therefor homeless.  I can’t believe how many people lose a pet, and never get reunited simply because people don’t know HOW.

For more information visit: www.missingpetpartnership.org