320: Tania Luna, TED talk speaker and expert in the value of surprise… for dogs too?

The Dog Show #320 – April 15, 2015
Surprise expert Tania Luna and TED talk presenter has a unique perspective on the value of surprise in our lives. When you notice something unexpected, it forces the brain to stop. To pay attention and get present. Tania thinks surprise can benefit dogs as well, and host Julie Forbes, dog training and behavior specialist had some questions for the dog loving surprise expert. What about causing a fear response? Listen to this interesting and thought-provoking conversation!

Tania Luna talks a lot about how surprise or, something unexpected, helps get us present.  Our brain forces us to stop.

What an interesting tie-in to dogs!  Of course dogs help us be present and teach us how to listen with all of our senses… but do dogs like being surprised?  Where’s the line between beneficial stress and a fear reaction?

Given that startle response is something we can see dramatic variation in among litters of puppies, I wonder what our guest today thinks about fear reactions.

Here’s the link to her TED talk and some other interesting info to read and chew on.


And a great article from the Huffington Post:


Surprise Industries website: www.surpriseindustries.com

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