395: When Rescue Goes Wrong. Then, Farm Dog Naturals Is Back!

The Dog Show #395 – September 21, 2016
Rescue goes wrong! An old college teammate of Julie’s reached out to ask what are some tips on adjusting a new rescue dog. She and her family were expecting to bring home their new four-legged family member in a couple of weeks. Julie invited Lucinda to be a guest on the show to answer her questions on-air and share the information with more people to help set adoptions up for success. This was the plan, until things went terribly wrong as soon as Lucinda pulled up to her house with their new dog. Fortunately, no children were in the car, and Lucinda was not seriously injured. How did this happen? What can you do to prevent this type of experience? And what is there to do when you have a bad experience with a rescue organization or breeder? Important episode. Lucinda joins us today for a different show than was originally intended, followed by an update with our friends at Farm Dog Naturals. We have had such great success with their products!

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