3/20 – Canine Aromatics and then Connie Newcomb, author of “Dog Show Confidential”

First listen to Joni Sorita talk about her work with canine aromatics.  How to use scent therapeutically with dogs!

Find Joni online at www.sorita.com.  She does in-home, or otherwise on-location, sessions with you and your animals.  Great for shelters, rescues, stables, or just your household of pets!


Then I talk with Connie Newcomb, author of Dog Show Confidential – Sneaking in the Back Door of Westminster.

What a great conversation!  We talked about her chihuahuas (you can hear them barking in the back :), her journey as a handler at dog shows, and much more!

This book is a nice read.  Light, informative and entertaining.  I recommend!

Buy it on amazon.com and also Barnes and Noble.