1/7/15 – Happy New Year! Dr Donna Kelleher – raw and cooked food for dogs (and cats!)

“Everybody knows” that I’m a fan of raw and cooked food diets for dogs and cats.  Especially The Natural Pet Pantry, made here in Seattle.

There are some things to know about switching your dog off of processed kibble and on to a fresh food diet.  Whether you are making it yourself, or buying a diet from a manufacturer, get informed about how to transition effectively, what you may notice, and especially when you may need to work with a holistic veterinarian to move your dog or cat off of the kibble diet that you thought they were dependent on.

Nutrition is one of THE most important factors to health.  It effects everything.  The thinking that it’s “just the dog” and what you feed doesn’t matter isn’t the reality of many americans.  Our dogs are our family members and their health matters to us.  Not only for their quality of life, but healthy food is one of the best ways to minimize the need for vet visits.  From allergies to IBD – consider diet FIRST, before antibiotics, steroids and allergy shots.  Get to the root of the problem, rather than just managing symptoms.

On today’s show I talked with Dr Donna Kelleher.  Dr Kelleher shared her expertise on this matter.  There is a ton of great health related info on her website: www.wholepetvet.com.

She’s also the author of The Proof Is in the Poodle.  Check it out and if  you’re hungry for more Dr. Kelleher, you can find her past show in our archives.  Just go to the “Pawdcasts” pages and search for her name.