12/19/12 – “Away to Me” director Andrew Hadra. A new documentary about sheepdog trials.


I watched this movie yesterday in prep for my interview today and it was SUCH a good film!  I’ve loved the topic of herding for years, have taken my cattle dogs herding, and have attended and sponsored the Vashon Sheepdog Classic for the past two years.

This film so beautifully shows the depth of the human-dog relationship in one of the “original” ways our two species connected.  Inspiring, interesting and touching – I recommend ALL dogs “owners” watch this film and then look at your own and ask yourself “How could I bring more communication and teamwork into my relationship with my dog”.  Your dog doesn’t have to be a border collie to want to work with you, it’s just a matter of you discovering what job your dog does best!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this film.