10/14 – Disaster Preparedness – Part One – Firefighter and Pet First Aid Instructor Tim Perciful

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes? Earthquake, Flood, Wildfires: There are some fundamental things that you can do to prepare yourself to be able to care for your pets should you experience an environmental emergency.

Today I’m joined by the wonderful Tim Perciful, Firefighter and Pet First Aid Instructor to talk about what you can get and do to be as best prepared as possible, should you find yourself in this scary position. Visit Tim’s website at www.learnpetfirstaid.com

We are joined at the end of the show by Hedz Up Pets – Watercollar Life Preserver for dogs! Learn about how their product actually keeps your pet’s head above water, rather than being a swimming aid like a life jacket. Important and great for other purposes outside of a natural disaster. www.hedzuppets.com